Is It Worth Being A High Class Hardcore Gamer?

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“Being a hardcore gamer is not about having an all-expensive device, but more about attitude – how serious we are to explore and enjoy this hobby.”

There is no clear line that separates the spectrum of a gamer’s dedication, but the majority of connoisseurs agree, hardcore gamers are those who really like the competition and complexity aspects of video games and always follow developments both in terms of software and hardware. Another opinion says, the seriousness of gamers can also be seen from the choice of genre.

Hardcore gamers themselves are divided into several levels: there are people who are happy enough with the standard definition, as well as the level of the ‘sultans’ – a joking term given to high-class gamers. For them, full-HD resolution and a frame rate of 60 times per second are still not satisfactory. And for that reason most of the hardcore gamers choose PC, where they can easily upgrade hardware and configure game settings.

The question now is, is it worth it for us to spend so much money just to pursue this hobby? As a gamer who has been in this field for more than two decades, I personally always try to find a balance point between price and performance when buying hardware. And in fact, gaming on a PC is not as expensive as people assume. With only $ 600 capital, your computer can already play the latest blockbuster titles.

But high-end hardcore gamers are a different species. They reject standard content. And from that ambition, the list of needs goes on and on: dual graphics card setup, wide curved monitor with hundreds of Hertz refresh rate, premium mechanical keyboard with custom stamping, oh, not to mention choosing a comfortable chair to support your back and hips for hours on end. Let alone ordinary people, even fellow hardcore gamers sometimes don’t understand what motivates them.

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