Smart sensor for home

A smart sensor is a device that takes input from the physical environment and uses built-in compute resources to perform predefined functions upon detection of specific input and then process data before passing it on.

Smart sensors enable the more accurate and automated collection of environmental data with less erroneous noise amongst the accurately recorded information. These devices are used for monitoring and control mechanisms in a wide variety of environments including smart grids, battlefield reconnaissance, exploration, and many scientific applications.

Some examples are: 

Fire/CO detection

co homesensor

A detector can be a lifesaver, especially when it is connected to an emergency monitoring service. They not only detect both smoke and CO, but also can monitor the overall air quality in your home and watch for pollutants like dust, soot, pollen, temperature, humidity, air staleness, pollution, and particulates.

Window & door open and close

Window & door open and close

Door and window sensors let you know when people are entering and leaving your house and can even turn lights on and off as doors are opened and closed.

Video doorbell

smart sensor for home

The video doorbell is also a theft deterrent sensor. This cool device allows you to see who is at your door from your smartphone. Whether you are inside alone and want to screen who is at the door, or if you are at work and someone is at your house.

Smart garage door

The wi-fi-connected smart garage door gives you some extra peace of mind. The concept is simple, but can be powerful – never wonder if you left the garage door open. 

Electrical current monitoring sensors

Electrical current (CT) sensors measure real-time energy consumption at a circuit, zone or machine level. Knowing how much energy is being used has two main uses. Firstly, you can identify where you use and waste the most energy, allowing you to make savings. You can also automatically switch off assets when they’re not in use. 

Secondly, if you can recognize normal operating conditions you can also see when machinery isn’t functioning as well as it should. 

Motion / occupancy sensors

Motion sensors pick up on physical movement – whether that’s a person, animal, or object – in a given area and transform that information into an electric signal. Motion detection has been used in the security industry for years to alert businesses to intruders.

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