India Has Highest Number of Cryptocurrency Owners in the World: Report

Cryptocurrency’s legal standing in India is uncertain but that hasn’t dampened the spirit of Indians from investing in the asset. As per an annual proliferation index put together by broker discovery and comparison platform BrokerChoose, India has the highest number of cryptocurrency owners globally in terms of an individual number of holders. The United States … Read more

Cryptocurrency in China: What’s New in Country’s Latest Crackdown?

China’s most powerful regulators have intensified the country’s crackdown on cryptocurrencies with a blanket ban on all crypto transactions and crypto mining. The move sent Bitcoin and other major coins lower, as well as pressurising crypto and blockchain-related stocks. What’s new?Ten Chinese agencies, including the central bank and banking, securities and foreign exchange regulators, have … Read more

NFT-Based Splinterlands Is Now the Most Widely Played Blockchain Game

NFT trading game Splinterlands has become the most popular blockchain game in the market, according to data provided by DappRadar. It confirms that the game has crossed 260,000 daily users to hit the most-popular milestone. At the time of writing, the daily user base stood at around 283,950. Blockchain games offer a fun way to … Read more