Winkler, Man. doughnut shop riffs on Bieber, Tim Hortons with hit new ‘TimWiebs’ promotion |

A Manitoba doughnut shop didn’t have a celebrity like Justin Bieber endorsing its products, so it went with the next best thing — a bunch of guys named Tim Wiebe. Valley Bakery in Winkler has come up with its own homegrown answer to Tim Hortons’ ‘TimBiebs’ promotion with the introduction of ‘TimWiebs,’ an offering of … Read more

Fans frenzy over Tim Hortons’ newly dropped Justin Bieber merchandise – National |

It’s been a mere few hours since Tim Hortons dropped its Justin Bieber–branded Timbits merchandise, and Canadians are proving extremely hungry for it. The Canadian coffee giant announced earlier this month that it had teamed up with Bieber for its latest marketing campaign, in an attempt to attract new customers. And it looks like it’s … Read more

Tim Hortons partners with Justin Bieber in effort to appeal to younger consumers |

Tim Hortons has teamed up with pop superstar Justin Bieber to launch three new Timbit flavours — called Timbiebs — along with co-branded merchandise. The celebrity endorsement deal marks a departure from the coffee and doughnut chain’s usual lineup of professional hockey players, a marketing strategy that could attract new customers. “It helps them appeal … Read more