The Business Sectors That Can Be Improved Through Cloud Technology

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Cloud computing technology or cloud computing is considered to have a big impact on the business development of a company. Through cloud technology, companies or technopreneurs can develop their business more efficiently.

One of the advantages of using cloud technology, for example, is that companies or business actors do not need to pay large amounts of money to purchase and manage IT infrastructure such as servers and data centers or incur additional costs in providing special space for these devices. There is no need to do this, because everything has been provided by the cloud provider, the company only pays for the technology used.

More and more businesses in Indonesia are utilizing Cloud technology in various industries which can create opportunities for cloud providers.

Cloud Technology Helps Across Various Industries

The ease and benefits of Cloud technology can grow your business efficiently. Then, what are the business lines that can take advantage of cloud technology?

Several businesses can synergize with cloud technology. Among others are:
– Telecommunications and social network business, cloud systems can be applied to mapping or planning, system simplification, monitoring repair maintenance, and networking.
– Health and life sciences business, there is optimization of health management, and disease identification through patient data diagnostics.
– E-commerce business can be a mainstay in inventory planning, increasing cross-channel marketing, understanding market segmentation and targeting, and ease of on/offboarding automation.
– Tourism business, cloud technology can be used for flight scheduling, pricing, managing customer complaint resolution and knowing traffic patterns and analyzing responses on social media.
– Financial services business, the cloud can be used for risk analysis and regulation, knowing customer segmentation, managing sales and marketing campaigns and evaluating creditworthiness.
– Manufacturing or property business, cloud computing can perform purchase tendencies, and predictive maintenance.
– The transportation and logistics business is also not spared from the presence of the cloud, where this technology functions to analyze power usage, determine prices, and find out the demand and supply of goods or services needed.

Cloud Technology Infrastructure and Security

To run a business comfortably when using cloud technology, of course, adequate security and infrastructure are needed. Google Cloud recognizes that the need for these two things is very important, therefore they implement a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API system.

One of the functions of this security system is to prevent data loss and protect data that is private and sensitive, ranging from email addresses, credit card numbers, to telephone numbers.

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